Zoticus was the 14-year-old author of Oceanology in 1863.

Biography. Edit

His family had a history of (Not always succesful.) nautical exploration. His great-grandfather, Barthelemy de Lessups, was the only survivor of the sinking of The Astrolabe in 1785. His father served in Mexico. On The Nautilus, he was assistant to a friend of his father named Professor Aronnax. However, as they neared Spain at the end of the voyage they stopped at Atlantis, where Zoticus picked up a piece of Poseidon's trident. This act unleashed Scylla upon their submarine, leaving Zoticus as sole survivor. Later, he told his story to Jules Verne, leading to the publication of the somewhat similar Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea...Zoticus died in December 1866. you can read more about zoticus and the Nautilus in the book,OCEANOLOGY.

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