wyvern(Draco Africanus)


A Wyvern is seen on the front cover.

Genus: Draco
Species: africanus




Coloration: Green or greenish-brown with paler underparts
Range: Arabia and Africa

The Wyvern(Draco africanus.) is the largest Dragon species and spends most of its time flying and "skywriting" with smoke.

Description. Edit

They are 18 to 20 feet high and 50 feet long. Colouration is green to greenish brown with paler green underparts and lime-green spots on the wings of older wyverns. In flight their call is similar to a crow, while they roar when attacking. They eat any large African mammals. The nomadic wyvern sometimes makes nests on crags. The wyvern egg is very large with a thick bumpy shell which changes colour to match its surroundings. The chicks are brown and lose their spines as they get older.

Trivia. Edit

  • The most famous wyverns are Jamal(Raised at Castle Drake.), Uswassa(Part of the Dragon Express.) and Salazaar(Lived to 158.).
  • Ologypedia contributor(and author of this article) Wyvern Rex. has his name derived from a heraldic joke. It means,ironically,"King of pestilence".

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