The cover of Wizardology

Wizardology is the study of and usage of magic, or the manipulation of matter and energy through supernatural agency.


  • To gain certain powers related to levitation
  • To forsee the future
  • To study fabulous beasts (thus connecting it to Monsterology)
  • To gain an ability to shift into animal form and communicate with animals.
  • To learn to cast various types of spells relating to the above.



  • Ologyworld's booklist doesn't include the original Wizardology.
  • Wizardology was planned for some time, however it was originally called "Wizardry", and was changed to Wizardology after Dragonology and Egyptology were released.
Wizardology edit
"Wizardology: The Book of the Secrets of Merlin" • "The Wizardology Handbook: A Course for Apprentices" • "Wizardology: Code-Writing Kit" • "Wizardology: A Guide to Wizards of the World"

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