Once, humanity dreamt of stretching beyond the stars. Tragically, it seemed obvious at the time that we as the most advanced spacefarers were dominant over other species. We did try peaceful contact with the nearest Xenos on Algol 5. It seemed simple enough. By interception of the Voyager probes they had learnt much about us. We set the meeting for the year 2693, as we could not give away our hyperdrive details. The blaster gas started flying when they realised that vaccinations for human diseases would not be provided for the residents of Algol. It did not matter in the end. Not after the last succumbed. We used to have one on a colony world, I think, cryogenically preserved.

So, we could not let some stupid biped lizards near the edge of the Local Bubble try anything. The demand for surrender to the Human Collective was sent. When they refused, we used our Hydras to suck the hydrogen out of their feeble sun. They died when their planet was plunged into an ice age.

Human Collective. Makes it sound nice, as if we taught the species to achieve our level. Someone, probably a Scorpid Rememberancer, will probably be attempting to quote the number of Perseids we used to build The Human Alliance. First starship to go intergalactic. More galaxies, more labourers and more worlds. I recall that we thought of little else. I hardly remember the news that one of our capitals had blown up an unidentified biomechanical starfighter in Andromeda. Then of course, the pilot contacted us. He, and his species, declared war.

War. We had half of the Great Wall. They had more.They had hyperspace and incredible self-healing powers. Any ships that entered hyperspace, even The Leviathans, even the 209.8 rated Belial Fang starfighters were never intact by the end. We lost contact with Algol 5 in 2834. Earth was invaded the year afterwards.

Now I alone survive,using our resources to stem the relentless Strontium radiation. I am preparing a sample of human DNA in the ruins of Central Galactic, hoping that they get the chance that we never had. Dragons have returned to the streets now. Funny how Saint George lost in the end. Good luck,humanity. I hope that if anything tries to destroy you, it will not look like our slayers. You are not able to watch it, but you would not want to see E.T. after our experiences. Enjoy my book, Xenology.

This is President Crook of the Human Multiversal empire signing out.

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