The Ologypedia seal of approval

Hello, Ology fans.

As any readers of Ologypedia will know, Alienology has just been released along with something called Alienology: The Digital Experience.

What is it?

Alienology: The Digital Experience (or Alienology from now on) uses your computer and your phone to add to the alienological mission to Earth. It enables the player to collect knowledge, play games and become a member of S.P.A.C.E..

Why haven't you written about it?

Alas, technological reasons.

How can I help?

Easily. If you play Alienology, please comment on this blog with the latest news on aliens and starships. Please seek bill-payers permission first, as costs are involved. Your information will add to this wiki as I wait for the book.

What are you looking for?

  • Information on Alien species and culture.
  • Starship details.
  • Planetary details.

Remember, if you have the book itself, do not hesitate to add. Wikia is a community.


--Wyvern Rex. 14:27, September 28, 2010 (UTC)

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