Sea Serpent
Genus: Serpens
Species: monstruos


magnus and several others, unrevealed


Coloration: Blue, Grey, Green, or Yellow
Range: Oceans and Seas Worldwide

The Sea Serpent(Serpens montruos.) may use gills or lungs, however, it is not known which.

Description. Edit

They are 30 feet long and 3 to 6 feet high. Colouration is usually blue, green, grey or yellow. Some have enlarged dorsal fins or an elaborate spiked tail. Sea Serpents spew water and air from their mouths instead of blowholes. They attack by their bite or by constriction. Their main prey is the blue whale.


Trivia. Edit

  • A sample of shed tail skin was included in Monsterology.
  • The charts of Olaus Magnus are useful for locating them.
  • Dr. Drake saw several in his long lifetime, including one off Cape Ann which may have tried to protect them from a Kraken and another off Cornwall which may have fought the Spanish Armada.