The Roc(Avis sinbadi.) was for many years confused with the Wyvern Dragon.

Description. Edit

They are 50 feet long and 18 to 20 feet high. The Roc resembles a huge eagle and feeds on large herbivores, which it drops from heights.Their nest can fill a valley and they are known to live in Arabia.

Hatching And Raising Rocs. Edit

The eggs should be placed on a nest of large branches in the middle of a small valley over the seven-month incubation period. Keep predators away from the nest, as roc yolk is apparently tasty. Pink eggs give male rocs and blue eggs give females. Before the eggs hatch, they will roll around as the chicks emerge. After they emerge, they may try to fly. Please keep away in all cases, as if you are crushed they will not recieve the desired standard of care. Wear a cardboard beak to convince them that you are their parent and if they have trouble sleeping recite this: "Roc-a-bye,baby, In your bough nest. Sleep,baby roc, And enjoy your rest. Roc-a-bye,baby; If the boughs break, Then poor baby roc, Will be sure to awake.".

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