05 ReptonClone
Repton Clone
Homeworld: Alniton
Intelligence: 15


5 feet

Life span:

550 years
Galactic Reference: 1853
Membership status: Hostile

Repton Clones are a species of lizard-like aliens hostile to the Intergalactic Council.


The Repton Clones have been hostile for ten thousand years. After S.L.I.M.E. killed most of the Repton, Emperor Repto the Regal repopulated the planet with clones of himself. The entire species now consists of clones of Repto. Repto has problematically not chosen a successor yet, as all candidates are completely equal. Repton Clones have infiltrated many Human armies and corporations.

"Mr C" is a Repton Clone known to be present on Earth and he has disguised himself as a large male human in his fifties. Mr C is wanted for theft, kidnapping, murder and misrepresentation of income for taxation purposes, making him the fourth most wanted criminal.


The technology is advanced, but the clones can no longer have individual ideas. The Repton Attack Ship is alloted five thousand clones and has a Cyberpower of 460. The Mothership carries two hundred thousand clones and has a Cyberpower of 558. They employ the Cyberdroids to perform many of their tasks. They once tried to invade Earth with their fleet and mind-controlling Flash Grenades, but were defeated by the Gray Federation.