The rank of Protector is an ancient and lonely one, yet it is vital for the survival of humanity.

The fight-back Edit

Since the taint of vampirism first afflicted humans, some brave souls have resisted the dark embrace. A fully prepared modern Protector would wield these weapons:

  • Holy relics: powerful indeed, if wielded by the faithful. Celtic artefacts are particularly useful, and one Irish boy repulsed two of the demons with nothing more than a straw Celtic knot.
  • Vampire teeth: for genetic reasons, vampires are deterred by the tooth of a vampire from their bloodline.
  • Vampire hair: vampires covet their hair, as it can not grow back. As such, they can not harm anyone bearing a lock of vampire hair, although those capable of obtaining vampire hair are arguably able to look after themselves.
  • Guns: only effective with silver bullets and even then the shot must pierce the heart.
  • Wooden stakes: useful for incapacitation, though the final destruction must take place afterwards.
  • Swords: a silver sword or dagger will inflict grievous wounds while a sword forged from the Sword of Angels will kill a vampire outright.


Few truly appreciate the work of the Protector and many have found werewolves their main companions. Remember, this line dates back to the Archangel Michael and little is known of the earliest days:

  • Aaron: One of the first of his line, Aaron wielded a staff which may have been powered by a shard of the Sword of Angels.
  • Jabir Al-Harrani: A ninth-century Islamic scientist who developed subtle poisons to aid humanity.
  • Saladin: A Protector of the mid-twelth century who fought the crusaders and recovered a shard of the Sword of Angels.
  • Robert, Earl of Huntingdon: Also known as Robin Hood (after the hood he wore to conceal vampire-inflicted scars) this Protector of the late twelth century destroyed the Fallen with silver-tipped arrows.
  • John Dee:,A less active Protector of the sixteenth century, Dee gathered charts, maps and weapons after being injured by a Moloch.
  • Date Masamune: The "One-Eyed Dragon" followed Dee in the early seventeenth century. He fought Ba'al in Japan and may have aided the first Dutch explorers in Australia in their fight, using silver boomerangs.
  • Franz Lizst: The great German pianist retired from the concert halls in 1847 to pursue vampires. His preferred weapon was piano wire.
  • Archibald Brooks: A wise Protector of the early from (at least) 1897 to 1920, when he was murdered by two vampires in the British Museum.
  • Joshua Kraik: A former private detective who inherited the legacy of Brooks.

The CircleEdit

One Belial, the Slayer, was able to master her bloodthirst through meditation. She began to destroy her own kind (Cesare Borgia may have died at her hands.), joining with an unnamed Protector from many centuries ago and an appointed werewolf. The Circle tried to piece together the Sword of Angels, but disbanded for unknown reasons. Many deny this but Brooks believed the tale and attempted to refound the Circle, seemingly without success.

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