Homeworld: Nellion
Intelligence: 19


9 feet

Life span:

140 years
Galactic Reference: 1618
Membership status: Council Member

Proboskians are purple aliens with eyestalks and a long trunk.


They originate in the forests and savannahs of Nellion, where they live in small family groups. They use their trunk in communication (their language has been named Waggletrunk).

Relations with humanityEdit

They first came to our attention when their starship crashed at Wolfe Creek in Australia in an attempt to rescue the similarly-trunked and now-extinct marsupials known as the Palorchestes. Still convinced that trunked animals were the future, in 1947 they again tried to pick up some more lifeforms of Earth (elephants), this time from Seattle zoo. Sending nine gyroships, their fleet was spotted by the human pilot Kenneth Arnold. This incident was reported as the visit of the "flying saucers".