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To my dear fellow ologists, I have made this page as a part of an ology-project I propose to you. An Internet book that we the ology fans write. We can each make either a chapter of a book or prehaps we can write a short story on the ologies that we love so much. I propose this that we write the short stories and add them to this wiki for all Ology-Lovers to see and love as much as us.

- Jan Szary, Ologist Extradorinare.

List of Ology- ShortsEdit

For Those who would like to write shorts, ad a link to this page and use either a pen-name, your real name (Though I highly do not recomend it,) or your wikipedia username.

  • Name of Ology - Title of Short - by name, Country, Ology-Lover Extraordinare 2011. this is just an example to show you what to type when adding the link for those who don't know. Ology-Lover Extraordinare is opptional, it is just to make your shorts sound more professional.


If you want to write a book for this wiki. I highly recomend that you make several drafts first, and than once you are happy with a draft you can either continue to make a series or make a simply one book of ever subject. It can happen today or during the ology. Enjoy Writing the book

  • Name of Ology - Title of Book - by name, country, Ology Lover Extraordinare, 2011


If you wish to help in any way either it be by helping to grant small snippets of information or to illistrate the book please write you name (Username) and ask to be contacted in a special section you've added to you page.

Thankyou for you help, in this project of mine. Jan SzaryEdit