The Moloch were one of the three Vampire bloodlines mentioned in Vampireology.

The FounderEdit

Moloch was the fallen angel who declared war on mankind. Moloch made a vicious attack on the Archangel Michael in the final battle but was burnt to death in divine lightning. After his hideous rebirth, he came upon all he saw in great wrath and slew them for pleasure.

The ProgenyEdit

Moloch show no Belial-style remorse or the greed of the Ba'al. They simply kill. They display a bull-like head, hooves and claws in battle. Also, they often neglect their appearance. They most often shapeshift into bears and dogs. The Moloch can not resist blood and the only method of destruction is to drain it of blood and scatter the ashes into running water.

Famous MolochEdit

  • Achilles: This ancient Greek was one of the Nine Progeny and particularly violent.
  • Seth: The Egyptian God of death. In 3300 BC the first pharaoh led an army against his kindred, killing many and driving out the rest.
  • Camazotz: The Mayan God of bats.
  • Hammurabi: The sixth king of the formerly Belial Babylon. He scattered them across the globe in 1800 BC.
  • Xerxes I: A Persian king, son of Darius, who was infected during his reign. He sent his troops to invade Greece but was pushed back by the noble "300" Spartans of Thermopylae in 480 BC. Later, he was slain by rival, power-hungry, Moloch.
  • Wu Wang: The Conqueror, lord of the Chou who in 1122 BC captured the Shang capital of An-yang.
  • Fritigern: A Gothic warleader who slew Emperor Valens before his own death at the hands of an early protector in AD 378.
  • Pompey: A Moloch and enemy of Julius Ceasar.
  • Sextus Pompeius: The Progeny of Pompey who raised a Sicilian army following Ceasar's assassination in 44 BC.
  • Abu Jahl: Chief of the Makhzum Clan. Slain by the Protector Muhammad in approximately AD 600.
  • Eric Bloodaxe: A violent Viking who slew seven enemies to become king.
  • Genghis Khan: A Mongol Moloch who held sway over much of Asia C. AD 1270.
  • Godefroi de St Omer: A French lord of the Knights Templar who held a pretence of Christianity.
  • Attila the Hun: The Hun warlord was a physically very strong Vampire. Supposedly dying of a nosebleed in AD 453, his wife Ildico aided a Protector in his destruction.
  • Caligula: Though he supposedly died in AD 41, he survived for ten more years before being hunted down.
  • Jack the Ripper: "Jack" was slain after valiant efforts by Archibald Brooks in AD 1889. His ashes were flung from West Pier in Brighton. The police declined to comment on the lengthy written explanation provided by Brooks.