Merfolk(Andropiscis marus.) are mysterious creatures who dwell in underwater palaces made of coral.

Description. Edit

They are roughly five feet in length and eat seafood. Sometimes, their haunting song has been known to hypnotise sailors. They mean no harm and simply do not realise that humans can not breathe underwater.

Trivia. Edit

  • They seem to have an advanced society, with fewer vices than humans. They can use tridents and nets for hunting and trained Hippocamps for transport.
  • Dr. Drake suggested that an "overwater" suit could be constructed to allow them to travel onland.
  • They can be brought forth using "The Siren Song". On a moonlit night, take to a beach a piece of yellow spell-casting parchment(A piece is included in Monsterology.), a comb and a piece of magic mirror which has been dipped in the ocean. Hold the items out while facing the sea and cry: "Mermaid with your shining hair, Beneath the moonlight's subtle glare, Find lost things beneath the sea, And bring them, bring them here to me! TRITON RITON RI! " They will then bring whichever items you have written on the parchment in exchange for the mirror and comb.