Biographical information
Ology Vampireology;
Nationality British
Species Human (Formerly); Vampire
Destruction 1920
Physical description
Gender Female
Eye color Hypnotic Purple
Vampire Bloodline Belial
Personal information
Notable Enemies Archibald Brooks; Joshua Kraik
Vampire information
Unique Power


Turner Unknown

Magdalena is the vampire who attempted to claim Archibald Brooks' Vampireology: The True History of the Fallen from the then (and slightly unwilling) world Protector Joshua Kraik. She was being hunted to Venice when Joshua deposited the book. Magdalena ha been engaged to Archibald before her turning. Although Archibald loved her, he was forced to let her go because she was a vampire but each remained reluctant to destroy the other. When Magdalena started to contact Joshua Kraik, he too fell in love with her. However, Joshua was ultimately forced to destroy her to save humanity.

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