The Leviathan(Piscis giganticus.) is the largest creature on Earth, picking its way through the oceans using a bioluminescent globe on its forhead.

Description. Edit

They are 200 feet long and 30 to 40 feet wide. They breathe fire and can suck in Kraken, Sea Serpents or whales in one gulp. Incredibly, the appearance of these magestic beasts varies so much that the only common feature is their globe.

Summoning. Edit

To summon a Leviathan, use a hook of copper dipped in Kraken blood or ink. Attach to a silken line which should be at least 500 yards and cry: "Ye hoary monster of the deep, Awaken from they slumberous sleep! ARISE! ARISE! ARISE!". The Leviathan will then rise, curious about the individual who is trying to capture him with such a puny "Baleful barb".

Case study. Edit

The eternally vigilant Dr. Drake met another monsterologist,Captain Zachariah Monsoon, who used his ship, Wampum, to track a red leviathan in 1896. Although the beast was killed by a kraken, we learnt much about this mysterious species. They can take up to a year to digest one meal and often descend to the bottom of a underwater trench while they do so. Also, each leviathan follows a unique path around the world, a map of the red leviathan's path being found in The Monsterology Handbook:A Practical Course in Monsters.