Lapp shamans are the merriest wizards of all, often dressed in red and white furs and bearing toys and gifts on reindeer-pulled sleighs. They sometimes choose magical reindeer as familiars, which unlike ordinary reindeer, can fly. Like all shamans, Lapp shamans are skilled at nature magic and have their own system of signs depending on the tribe. They do not use books, and their magical objects appear to nothing more than bones, stones or jewelry. These magical objects should never be underestimated, however.

Lapp shamans uses their jolly antics to bring joy and happiness during the cold winter months. In order to cast spells, they use on chants. On chants usually involve a simple chant, an other ingredients. In order to transform into an animal, for example, the animal's name and the sounds in makes would be included in the chant. Parts of the animal would also be needed. Sometimes shamans transform to trick you, so a bear or wolf wearing jewelry is most likely a wicked shaman.

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