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knucker(Draco Troglodytes)

Genus: Draco
Species: troglodytes


magnus (Knucker), ssp.' (Bucca)


Coloration: Brown, Dull Red, or Greenish Blue
Range: Europe

The Knucker(Draco troglodytes.) bizarrely dwells in damp holes instead of caves. It has been incorrectly claimed that the Knucker is just a juvenile European Dragon.


They are 3 to 6 high and 30 feet long. They have vestigal wings and are coloured brown, dull red or a greenish blue. Their skin is leathery and their head is small. The call is a low gurgling or a bark in the mating season. They eat small animals though larger specimens have been known to take children. On average,they live for 120 years.

Adaptations. Edit

The knucker uses its purple venom which is fifty times stronger than hydrochloric acid and can liquefy prey. They live in damp, decidous woodland near rabbit warrens. They prefer to hoard household items rather than treasure. The eggs are in various shades of green for camouflage and their chicks are largely aquatic.

Trivia. Edit

  • There is a subspecies, the Bucca.
  • Most of this information was collected from one Knucker, Weasel, who lived near Castle Drake.