The Kelpie resembles a lost pony and tries to tempt human prey.

Description. Edit

To prey on humans, the kelpie wears a bridle and encourages a human to ride it. When they climb on, the kelpie leaps into a river and drowns them. However, the bridle has magical powers. Seumas MacGregor took one from the kelpie at Loch Slochd and it can be used to command any kelpie. The transportation is apparently faster than dragonflight but Monsterology means that we will not control a wild animal against its will. The kelpie also is known to eat every part of the human but the heart and liver. If you see a horse that is dripping or has some type of water on it. It is likely a kelpie. Don't ever drop something that a kelpie doesn't like into the water otherwise you won't be able to talk. If you do drop something into it's water you have to retrieve it to get your voice back, but be very careful.

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