The Jaculus(Serpens volucer.) is a flying lizard which, though not a dragon, resembles a featherless Amphithere.

Description. Edit

They are about 20 - 30 feet long. Their attacks consist of dramatic head-butting. A Jaculus will often eat young dragons, though it will feed on any winged creature small enough. Jaculus lairs can be found on the tops of abandoned buildings in Egypt and Asia. They are not related to dragons as bone structure analysis shows. Jaculus dung is pink and poisonous. It is suitable for fireworks, a fire lighter and can also be deployed as an alarm system due to its volatility. Jaculus saliva can be used to cure lazy eye in a Cyclops. Sometimes, they have come into conflict with Dwarf Dragons. A sample of shed Jaculus skin was included in Monsterology.