Indonesian Dragon
Genus: Draco
Species: orientalis




"Malay", "Javan", "Sumatran", "Krakatoan
Coloration: Black, blue or green
Range: Indonesia

The Indonesian or Malay Dragon(Draco orientalis indonesiensis.) lives in rocky caves on the Indonesian and Malay coasts.


Description. Edit

They are 6 to 8 feet high(1.8 to 2.4m) and up to 25 feet long(7.6m). Colouration is green, blue or black with four webbed toes for "running" on water. Their call is a loud honking noise and they often steal fish from fishermen. They have the smallest Asian eggs which are round and pink.

Island Variations. Edit


Sadly, in the 1883 eruption which destroyed all life on the island, these dragons became extinct. They differed from ordinary Indonesian in nothing more than their small size. Krakatoans were so tame that they would eat out of dragonoloigst's hands. They also loved flowers

Javan. Edit

Javan dragons are seclusive, love exotic flowers(used for decorating their lairs) and are violent if disturbed.

Sumatran. Edit

Sumatran dragons are similar to Javan dragons.