Bucca 012

indian naga(¿¿??)

Indian Naga
Genus: Unknown
Species: Unknown




Coloration: Unknown
Range: Formerly Thar Desert but now extinct

This species too has been lost, struck down by a human-engineered(Alexandra Gorynytchka was responsible.) plague. Once studied though its entire Thar Desert range, its loss will be remembered for the Naga's poignantly human-like face.


There were two other species in India, both with subspecies. The Ascetic Dragon (Draco mysticus indiana.) and the Monkey Dragon (Draco simius ovilator.) are both subspecies, leading to the conclusion that there must be another subspecies. It is possible to envision that the Naga is another subspecies of one of these, assuming that the other species' subspecies became extinct in prehistoric times. From the Naga's human-like face, it has greater similarities with the Monkey Dragon. As a result, it can be conjectured (non-canonically) that the Naga is Draco simius naga, or similar.