Genus: Draco
Species: hydra




Coloration: Grey or Brown
Range: Mediterranean regions of Europe, Asia, and Africa


The Hydra(Draco hydra.), uniquely amongst the dragons, reproduces by splitting heads off from its body. This only happens after the Hydra is several hundred years old. The head will be cared for by its "parents" for a year, if they do not have a bout of forgetfullness. Understandably, they are quite rare.

Description. Edit

The Hydra is 10 to 12 feet high and 40 feet long with residual wings,now useless. Famously, they have at least three heads, with seven or more being reported. The heads could have evolved to enable it to capture multiple dragon chicks although they often fight like the Chimera. Their spines could be poisonous. They will often take dragon chicks but will eat humans if none are forthcoming. They fight by using flame and bites from multiple directions. They often search far and wide for food, as they are efficient runners.

Range. Edit

They live in uninhabited parts of the Mediterranean coast, Arabia and the Nile Delta, typically in rocky caves on remote islands or extinct volcanoes. However some inhabit the ruins of lost civilizations.

Notes. Edit

In spite of being feared by other dragons for their cannibalism, they are intelligent with a good mastery of languages and will even befriend some humans. Faki-Kifa-Kafi, is one of the most famous, being part of the Dragon Express dragonologist relay transportation system.


  • This dragon bis based off of the Lernaean Hydra from Greek mythology.