Homeworld: Earth
Intelligence: 10


5-6 feet

Life span:

In some parts of Earth around 80 years
Galactic Reference: Unknown
Membership status: Council Member

Humans are the major species of Earth and possibly the most familiar to Ologypedia readers.


Know thyself.


Pre-and-early-historic man was in extensive contact with the Intergalactic Council. However, they retreated from Alienology out of fear and mistrust. They practised strange magic and had to fear the Vampires in the shadows. Some though were still willing to contact. The great S.A.S.D. established good relations with Dragonkind and alienological studies improved under S.P.A.C.E.. Previous isolation ended abruptly when it was discovered that human DNA was the antidote to S.L.I.M.E..


Humanology is the study, by dragons, of humanity. It is a sign of increasing trust between the two.