The Hippogriff(Hippo gryps.) resembles a cross between a Griffin and a horse but is actually a distinct, forest-dwelling species.

Description. Edit

They are 6 to 8 feet long and 3 to 5 feet high. They eat nuts, seeds, oats and hay. Their eggs resemble those of griffins, so a supply of both oats and horse meat is recommended for the intrepid monsterologist. If it is a hippogriff, under no circumstances let it see the horse meat as it will get distressed. The chicks can be troublesome, as they learn to fly before they can walk. Hippogriffs moult during the summer, and one of their feathers is included in Monsterology. The feathers become invisible immediatly after they are shed but can be located by their shadows. They can suffer from Gut Block, which can be cured with Dr. Drake's Strong Purgative. Contains prunes, liquorice, senna pod and oat husks in rye water. Only for Hippogriffs.