This article is about where the hidden items and Knowledge cards in Ology World are. MAKE SURE YOU BECOME A MEMBER FIRST!!!

Hidden Items.Edit


Click on the keyhole

Click on the keyhole at the bottom right corner of the red frame. This link will show you what items you collected.

1. Member's key - this appears when you sign in to

2. Pirate Doubloon - hidden at the bottom of the bookshelf in the Library

3. Wizard's Wisdom Draught - on the desk in the Reading room

4. Dr. Drake's wax seal - in the Projection room

5. Emily Sands' Expidition Photo - Egyptology book spread pages; click on 'Click here to see Egyptology cover'

6. Amber Gem - Monsterology book spread pages; on the page that says 'Creatures of the World'

7. Mythology vase fragment - hidden in submission page of the Ology World gallery. You must submit an image to get this item.

8. Ology pod at top end of book shelf


Hidden items

Knowlege CardsEdit

  • Click on the key on the bookshelf.

Click on the keyhole on the bookshelf

Then go to the Member's Only room.


Click on the drawer that says 'Knowledge Cards'

New members start with 6 different kinds of cards when you first become a member. There are 52 to collect in all.

1. Merchandise section; Dragonology Board Game; card will be at top right corner

2. Projection room; watch at least 4 different movies; card will appear next to wall poster

3. Pirateology book spread pages; click on 'Click here to see next spread'; Pirate ship fold out; card will be inside fold out

4. Cryptobox; card will be at top left corner

5. Games; Dragon Flyer; card will be hiding in the gems

6. Collector's Case; card will be in top left corner of the room. It is very faint, but it will be there.

Enter 241207 in the Cryptobox and you'll get 6 different kinds of cards.

Enter 230308 in the Cryptobox and you'll get 8 different kinds of cards.

Another way to get more cards is to trade with other Ology members.