The Griffin (Gryps vulgaris) was once widepread thoughout Asia and Europe but they are now limited to the Tian Shan mountains, where they continue to hoard gold and gems.

Description. Edit

They are 15 feet long and 8 to 10 feet high. Griffins eat wild horses. Griffins have the head, wings and front legs of a eagle and the body, back legs and rear of a lion. They are known in some stories to be able to talk to humans. They often read a lot of poetry and history from our world and are great conversationalist, but they like to believe that they know all since they live for so long

Trivia. Edit

  • Do not attempt to fly them. They may pretend to be asleep until you are on their back, at which point you will gain an unexpected interest in gravity.
  • They sleep very deeply and can be somewhat annoyed if they are woken. However, they can get used to humans.
  • If you wish to obtain their help, use the Lost Talisman Of Asjafathur. Made of pure gold and rubies, it should be held aloft as you greet the griffin. Bring it the bones of three Winged Horses and it will perform whatever services it can over three nights. At the end of this period, leave an exact replica in its nest. If you do not have the money, you should first become rich enough or you will suffer a somewhat unpleasant end.
  • Archaeology could reveal traces of gold in the dried-up rivers but apart from this the reason for their nests being built near the fossils of long-extinct Protoceratops is unknown.

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