Homeworld: Reticulon I
Intelligence: 18


6-7 feet

Life span:

120 years
Galactic Reference: 7181
Membership status: Council Member

Grays were a species of Alien featured in Alienology.


The Grays of Reticulon I are a highly-developed shapshifting species with an average height of six to seven feet and an average lifespan of 120 years. They communicate via gamma rays and occasional speech, as gamma rays are harmful to other lifeforms. Gray blasters, their weapons, work by briefly scrambling these signals. Their kind are strongly linked with races such as the Pisceans, the Aquarians and the Tauricans, as they are all affiliated with a group of allies dedicated to fight for Earth. They call themselves E.E.P.A (Eternal Earth Protection Agency).


Gray fingers and hands are hypersensitive to touch and have skulls which may be made of diamond. The logical Grays only ever eat some kind of purple powder mixed with water, but they have two hearts. The gamma rays come from a biological generator attatched to the frontal lobe of their brains.

Gray OrbitersEdit

Gray orbiters, or "flying saucers" to Earth folk, are hyper-advanced starships. The technology includes:

  • Deuterium fuel cells
  • A laboratory with memory-wipe equipment
  • Cryogenic pods
  • Carbon recycling plants
  • Active fluid management
  • Magnetic footwear for zero-g enviroments
  • Color-changing morphonium

Relations with humanityEdit

Though arguably most famous for saving Earth from a Repton Clone attack in 1561, they have also left many other traces. An anatomical crystal skull was left behind in a Mayan temple and their legacy with the Easter Islanders can be seen in the giant stone heads erected in their memory. They tend to abduct humans, but only to gain useful information from their DNA in their attempt to stop S.L.I.M.E.. However, Betty and Barney Hill's memory wipe in 1961 did not go as planned... Tragically, a Gray orbiter crashed at Roswell in 1947. They may have been attempting to visit other Grays at a university, their preferred residence while on Earth.