gargouille(Draco Occidentalis Minimus)

Genus: Draco
Species: occidentalis




Coloration: Slate Grey or Green
Range: Europe

The Gargouille(Draco occidentalis minimus.) is one of the few city-dwellers(It moved in from rocky crags.) among Dragons. They did not conquer the air due to their small wings but they are dextrous and are expert jumpers.

Description. Edit

They are 8 to 10 feet high and 15 feet long. Colouration is gray or green but can change to match the building it perches on. Mosses and lichens which grow on older gargouilles adds to this effect. They are mostly silent but shriek if threatened and some can speak English, French and Dragonish. They generally hunt urban animals but will eat from refuse heaps if necessary. Some have become used to restauraunt food and love escargot, picking them out with their long foreclaw. Eggs are mottled grey-blue and can be dropped from great heights without harm.

Trivia. Edit

  • They can breathe fire but simply use it to grill prey.
  • Their chicks are known to steal wigs and hats from humans.
  • Parisians gargouilles once revolted against humanity, an act encouraged by Alexandra Gorynytchka.
  • Famous gargouilles include Pantheon and Petites-Dents(Lived to 376.).