The Feejee mermaid ( Mermadipethicus Fijus) is the primitive relative of common mermaids. Feejee mermaids were once thought to truely be a mythicial species. It is found off and/or on the coast of fiji, new caladonia , and new guinea. When wet, their tails become very flexible yet strong, and harden when they are dry. It is the only surviving relative of mermaids and humans. They are highly social creatures, and are often friendly yet elusive.

Mermadipethicus Fijus
Lair or nest
Bed of seaweed, beaches
7 feet long; 3 feet high
Like a monkey with a fish lower body
Forms of attack
Bite, agility, extremely loud shreak able to paralyze a living thing
Seals, fish, shellfish, even small sharks

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