The Fallen Bloodlines are the three types of vampires known to man, and most likely the only ones. Each bloodline has different bestial features and is named after its founder– one of the three angels who were cast from heaven for rebelling against God and falling from his grace. After being cast down to Earth, they were found by the people of the eaely Middle East and Mesopotamia, and in some cases were worshipped as gods (like in kna'anianmythology) and in some cases, as daemons (like in Judaism).

The bloodlines, similar to subspecies, are:

Other offshoots (individuals) are:

Vampires can also reanimate recently killed human prey in order to make Ghouls, such as the Sidhe. Zombies and lycanthropes are not of the Fallen Bloodlines. A notable difference is that the powers of the Fallen rise and fall each month, with the peak being named an "eclipse".

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