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european dragon(Draco Occidentalis Magnus)

European Dragon
Genus: Draco
Species: occidentalis




magnus (European Dragon), and ssp. (Tunguska Dragon)
Coloration: Black, Gold, Green, or Red,
Range: Europe and North America


This dragon guards a powerful gem known as the Dragon Star.

The European Dragon (Draco occidentalis magnus) can be found across the globe, although it is most common in the European mountains.

Description. Edit

The European can often live for more than 300 years, with some examples long predating the S.A.S.D.

Trivia. Edit

  • Dr. Drake was on first-name terms with many European Dragons, including Thorfax (who lived to 304), Scorcher, Torcher, Idraigir, Guardian, and Scramasax.
  • They are the most selective hoarders, basing value on the hardness of the gem.
  • They have a subspecies, the Tunguska Dragon.
European Dragon Egg

The charcoal brazier used to keep the European dragon’s eggs hot must be kept in a well ventilated location.

European Dragon Footprint

Footprints may lead to lair or cave of European dragon.