"Yesterday I had my first glimpse of the Pyramids on the train to Cairo. Potent Symbols of the mysterious land of Egypt, they remind me of all I have come to discover - The dusty tombs; the ornate temples; the golden treasures; and the strange, unearthly mummies

-Emily Sands: Arrival at Cairo!

Emily Sands
Biographical information
Ology Egyptology
Species arabian
Death found beheaded near the river Nile
Physical description
Gender Female
Personal information

Niece; & Nephew

Profession Egyptologist; Author
Notable Allies The Farncombe Family


Ological Information

To find the lost Tomb of Osiris



Inspired by

Howard Carter's discovery of
King Tutankhamen's tomb

Position in Ologyverse

Author of Egyptology

Emily Sands was the author of Egyptology and an archaeologist who attempted to search for the tomb of Osiris in November 1926 before she disappeared in mysterious circumstances. She also wrote The Egyptology Handbook: A Course in the Wonders of Egypt for her niece and nephew. Emily Sands was well loved for her generosity and kindness towards her people and tribe

There is no Emily Sands, the author of the book Egyptology Dugald A. Steer wrote the book as Emily Sands making the entire book fiction why this isn't concluded or accepted as Fact is stupid.

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