Numerous dragon models.

If it is listed as sp. then it means the genus is known, but the species isn't. ssp. means subspecies. * means extinct dragon, + means pseudo-or-proto-dragon and *+ means extinct pseudo-dragon or extinct proto-dragon.

Here Be Dragons...Edit

Amphitheres & the Incognito (Draco americanus)

-American Amphithere (Draco americanus tex.)

-Incognito (Draco americanus incognito.)

-Mexican Amphithere (Draco americanus mex.)

Ascetic Dragon* (Draco mysticus indiana.)

Asian Lung (Draco orientalis.)

-Chinese Lung or Imperial Lung (Draco orientalis magnus.)

-Indonesian Dragon (Draco orientalis indonesiensis.) (also called the Malay Dragon in the Compendium's Index)

--Malay Dragon (Draco orientalis indonesiensis magnus)

--Javan Dragon (Draco orientalis indonesiensis ssp.)

--Krakatoan Dragon* (Draco orientalis indonesiensis ssp.)

--Sumatran Dragon (Draco orientalis indonesiensis ssp.)

-Japanese Ryu (Draco orientalis japonicus.)

-Korean Yong (Draco orientalis koreensis.)

Basilisk (Draco basiliskos.)

Cockatrice+ (Gallicus halitosis.)

Dodo Dragon*+ (Dodoformae bina.)

Draco stupidus* (Draco stupidus.)

Draconodon'*+ (Draconodon sp.)

Draconosaurus Rex'*+ (Draconosaurus rex.)

Dwarf Dragon (Draco parvulus.)

European/Western Dragons (Draco occidentalis)

-European Dragon (Draco occidentalis magnus.)

--Tunguska Dragon (Draco occidentalis magnus ssp.)

-Frost Dragon (Draco occidentalis maritimus.)

--Has multiple unrevealed subspecies but we know Draco occidentalis maritimus magnus.

-Gargouille (Draco occidentalis minimus.)

Humming Dragon* (Draco minimus floralis.)

Hydra (Draco hydra.)

Indian Naga*+ (species unknown.)

Knucker (Draco troglodytes.)

-Bucca (Draco troglodytes ssp.)

Komodo Dragon+ (Varanus komodoensis but also referred to as Monitor Lizard in the Compendium's Index.)

Lake Serpent+ (Serpens aquadulcis.)

Lindworm (Draco serpentalis.)

Marsupial Dragon (Draco marsupialis.)

-Unnamed relative of the Marsupial Dragon* (species unknown,probably Draco marsupialis ssp.)

Megadracosaurus*+ (Megadracosaurus sp.)

Monkey Dragon* (Draco simius ovilator.)

Phoenix+ (Phoenix arabica.)

Pygmy Dragon* or Bush Dragon (Draco nano.)

Sargasso Dragon* (species unknown.)

Sea Serpent* (Serpens monstrous.)

-Has several unrevealed subpsecies but we know Serpens monstruos magnus.

Tasmanian Dragon (Draco semifascia.)

Tibetan Dragon (Draco montana.)

Wyvern (Draco africanus.)

Wizardological notesEdit

Merlin saw a Saxon Dragon and a Welsh Dragon fighting at Dinas Emrys and they may not have been European Dragons. The Saxon Dragon was white and only very old European Dragons could be white, but even they couldn't be fighting a red dragon, which would have to be a normal-aged adult, so these may be separate species, or additional subspecies of the European Dragon.