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Inside this deluxe guidebook and model package, readers will find the complete TRACKING AND TAMING DRAGONS, in which preeminent dragonologist Dr. Ernest Drake shares all you need to know to set out on the trail of dragons in the field. Plus, each pack features an easy-to-assemble, lifelike hanging model of the "Draco occidentalis magnus", or European Dragon, with a 23-inch wingspan and movable wings!


- Based on the best-selling DRAGONOLOGY

- Silver-foil-embellished cover

- Includes 24-page paperback book and easy-to-make model with gold-foil details

- The book and model are enclosed in a sturdy 10 x 1113/16 book-like case, making it the ultimate companion to DRAGONOLOGY!
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The Kit


  • (This is only available in some editions)

Also includes an EXCLUSIVE preview of the next exciting Ology title, Pirateology(July 2006):

- Each book will be wrapped with a full-color bellyband that proclaims: Coming July 2006, PIRATEOLOGY. Be the first to solve the riddle and find the treasure! Exclusive Preview and Secret Clue Inside! - Each book will contain a mysterious envelope containing a letter along with a fragment of a pirate map and secret code in order to begin the adventure that continues in Pirateology!

The competition to find the treasure from the map has now ended.

The paperback book included in this kit is called Tracking and Taming Dragons:A Guide for Beginners.


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The European Dragon Model

The model is a simple thing to construct. Includes 2 chest/thigh pieces, 2 arms, 2 legs, a head, a tail, two wings, and a hanger. The hanger can be use to hang the dragon up with fishing wire, attach from the hanger to the wings. The hanger can also work as a puppet, making the wings flap. Comes in a package size envelopre attched in the box.


Author: Dr. Ernest Drake.

Editor: Dugald A. Steer.

Illustrator: Douglas Carrel.


  • USA Price- $14.99
  • First Release- May 2006
  • Age Range- 8 years old and up
  • Grade Range- Grade 3 and up
  • Hardcover box, with paperback book
  • Number of pages- 24
  • Size- 10" x 11-13/16"

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