Dragonology Code-Writing Kit

If your aim is to master dragon runes, this ornate writing kit includes everything you’ll need. Inside are simple instructions as well as writing paper, envelopes, postcards, and sticker sheets, all in a handsomely designed slipcase.


Each kit contains: - Code-making instructions - 16 sheets of notepaper - 16 envelopes - 6 postcards - 2 sheets of stickers


The perfect hands-on gift for ’Ologists! Learn the keys to cracking secret codes -- and use cool stationery to send missives to your friends.


author: Dr. Ernest Drake



  • USA Price- $99.99
  • First Release- November 2013
  • Age Range- 2 years old and up
  • Grade Range- Grade 9 and up
  • Papercover
  • Number of pages- 100
  • Size- Small

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