1000px-Megadracosaurus Draconodon

in the lower left corner draconodon(¿¿??)

Genus: Draconodon
Species: sp.




Coloration: Unknown
Range: Proto-dragon and thus unknown

Draconodon was, according to our most recent finds, the earliest of the dragon dynasty.

Description. Edit

Draconodon had four legs and two wings, presumably the result of a fortuitous genetic mutation in the deep past. We can only guess as to its appearance but it is assumd to be small. It may also have learnt that breathing out venom in a mist meant that it could be ignited, producing the first dragon flame. It stayed small, only growing in size once the terrible lizards and other species such as Megadracosaurus had become extinct. Ultimately, this creature evolved into the dragons of today. Dragon bones are hard to find due to their fast decomposition rate but more recent species have been found, perfectly preserved, in ice.