Denebian Cyborg
Homeworld: Botorian
Intelligence: 10


7 feet

Life span:

120 years
Galactic Reference: 4514
Membership status: Council Member

The Denebian Cyborgs of Botorian are a bizarre alien species as they have no fixed form. Instead, they grow component organs and store them in robotic bodies.


The Denebian Cyborgs are primarily work for other species who are willing to them a home. In their biological form, they destroyed the wildlife on their homeworld of Botorian. The Tauricans, Grays, Traders and Proboskians are known to enlist them. To travel, they use Cyber Rockets with a Cyberpower of 325. One, the Cyborg Kid, has started a life of crime with Red-eyed Green. They specialise in daylight robbery (the theft and transportation of stars) making them the second most-wanted criminals. Generally, they are friendly and can be found, disguised as machines, on Earth. The Denebian Cyborgs take their prime name: "Denebian" from their producer of light, their star, Deneb. In theory, they are an outer space robot slave race. They have allied with and become Intergalactic Council Members.