06 Decapode
Homeworld: Gelubus I
Intelligence: 19


10 feet if stretched out

Life span:

60 years
Galactic Reference: 4531
Membership status: Council Member

The Decapodes, of Ophiuchus and Barnard's Star, are ten-limbed aliens who communicate through gestures and color changes.


The Decapodes are a highly advanced race, with comparatively high intelligence. They lay their tadpole-like young in water, and this early life has given rise to their language. It features the positioning of tentacles, accompanied by a colour change to convey the meaning. They use ray cannons which can absorb all heat and concentrate it into a single powerful plasma beam. The Decapodes resemble giant squid and giant squid are said to evolve from them.

Relations with HumanityEdit

The Decapode feeling towards Humans is slightly strained, as they were incorrectly blamed for the death of pilot Thomas Mantell who chased one of their Hoppers.

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