Dark Dragonology is a black art practised by power-hungry magicians.


Aims vary:

  • Some, like Ignatius Crook, intend to steal and wield a powerful Dragonological artifact.
  • Crook was also angry with the S.A.S.D., as he felt that he had been passed over in favour of Dr. Drake and his "Dragon science".
  • Others, like Alexandra Gorynytchka, have suffered personal loss due to dragons and wish to subjugate or destroy Dragonkind.
  • Still others, such as Faust, claim to do it for science but are in fact being manipulated by malign forces. In Faust's case, he was possibly controlled by a Belial named Mephisto who also created Christopher Marlowe.
  • The lowest are purely motivated by money, capturing and selling dragon chicks.


Given the nature of their profession, they are often alone or in pairs (each thinking that they will overpower the other after the treasure is claimed). However, they typically employ hypnotised servants (possibly Ghouls in some cases) and Tunguska Dragons, famed for their strength and stupidity. They may also corrupt different species

Known Dark DragonologistsEdit

  • Ignatius Crook
  • Alexandra Gorynytchka
  • Faust
  • The Dragonsbane Knights.
  • Numerous Dark Dragonologists from the Dragonology: Pocket Adventures series. In The Iceland Wyrm, a pair of them tried to steal the eggs of a Frost Dragon but were frozen by the angry mother. The Dragon Star featured two more who tried to steal the Dragon Star (a gem which can detect evil) from a European Dragon while The Winged Serpant contained yet another pairing along with a charmed Wyvern who attempted to steal the gold of El Dorado.