The Cyclops(Gigas monoculus.) were once widespread throught Greece but increased human activity has diminished their numbers.

Description. Edit

The Cyclopes are 12 feet high and 3 feet wide. They resemble a single eyed giant and dwell in simple rocky structures. They eat meat, although human makes them ill. They can suffer from Lazy Eye, a disease which causes a blue substance to be secreted. It sticks the eyelids together but eyedrops made from a mixture of Jaculus saliva and seawater will open them again(The Cyclops will be unable to retaliate.). The cyclops Polyphemus was blinded by Odysseus, allowing his men to escape the ravenous beast. They built the walls of Falassarna,a feat so great that we only speculate as to their other talents...

Trivia Edit

  • The Fossil proboscidean cyclops Deinotherium and Dwarf Elephants