04 Cyberbrain
Homeworld: Ignemia (formerly)
Intelligence: 10


16 feet

Life span:

70 years
Galactic Reference: 3252
Membership status: Council Member

The Cyberbrains of Tau Ceti, 11.89 light-years from Earth are aliens in battle with the Tau Warriors for the planet of Vulcatraz, as they have rendered their homeworld of Ignemia uninhabitable.


The Cyberbrains are primarily mechanical, with a lifespan of 70 years which they hope to extend indefinitely. They communicate using microwaves and patterns of light on their brains, encased in transparent helmets. They have mastered the metal siliconium, making their Fliers and Infant Incubators out of it. They also make robotic assistants out of siliconium. The Cyberbrains were crated by the Mondasians, natives of the planet Mondas, AKA The Sister of Sol III. After Ignemia was found unhabitable, The Cyberbrains went to war with their previous allies, the Tau Warriors of Tau Ceti.