asian lung(Draco Orientalis Magnus)

Biographical information
Ology Dragonology
Species Draco
Age Span Over athousand years
Rang China, Southeast Asia & Korea
Physical Colorations
Feelers Color Red, Orange or bright yellow
Scale color iridescent Black or Iridescent Blue
Antlers Usually a Dark Red covering;
white underneath is the horn.
Species Relationships
Intraspecies Relationships Good
Interspecies Relationship Good
Natural Allies Fenghuang; Humans
Natural Enemies None


  • Eggs
  • Hidden Amongst the hoard
  • Carried in a claw
  • Like a large pearl
Hatching Key

Internal heat while under water

Hatching Location Underwater
Draco Species Profile
Species Orientalis
Subspecies Magnus
Infraspecies None

The Chinese Lung (Draco orientalis magnus.) has been in contact with humans for longer than any other Asian species.

Colouration is iridescent black or blue and a yellow or white mane in the older lung. Fish and birds make up its primary diet and they dwell away from large human populations, though they ssdd live near villages and monasteries. The lair is underwater, with their treasure hoard of jade, opals and pearls along with their egg. It is the heaviest dragon egg, round and pearlescent white turning blue with silver swirls in water. Like Korean Yong and Japanese Ryu, the infants are aquatic. Their longevity is unknown. The mane thins with age but none are bald. The famous Lung Wei lived for 730 years before he was cruelly killed by Alexandra Gorynytchka, though some Lung have lived to over one thousand years. Although they can not fly, they can leap over 100 feet(30.5m). Be very polite when talking to Lung and they may even eat out of your hand.

Daw1639-blue-horned-chinese-dragon - Copy

A Lung in a painting.


A plush toy. It is a Chinese Lung, for it has five toes.