The tale of Carlton Collins is featured in the Pirateology Guidebook and Model Set. His history of piracy went back at least five years and he claimed to have "bought" his ship, the Swiftbuck, from a Dutch merchant. The Captain fought The Octopus, The Golden Horn, The Atheneum (Which he renamed as Swiftbuck.) and The Bold Adventure before being captured by the tireless Captain William Lubber as he prepared to attack a town in the Gulf of Amapella. He confessed to his crimes, which he blamed on being an orphan, and sailed to Boston to face trial in 1724. We do not know what happened next but Captain Lubber recommended execution.

His treasure from the Octopus(Well, he let the crew swin to shore.), The Atheneum(Crew did not put up a fight so he made the captain dance a jig.) and the settlements he robbed was buried on Juan Fernadez Island, in this case found by Arabella Drummond.