• Wyvern Rex.

    Adoption Notice

    September 18, 2016 by Wyvern Rex.

    After almost seven years as Ologypedia administrator, I feel it is time for a new fan of the series to take over and help get this website back up to featured status as I am unable to dedicate the necessary time for such a project.

    Prospective admins should naturally have a good grasp of spelling, punctuation and grammar: some interest in the technical aspects of wikis would also be useful in order to (for example) update the skin from the present, Alienology-inspired, design and replace the infoboxes with ones closer to the Wikia standard. A good knowledge of the Ology books would be useful: however, I can still be reached by a message if any questions need to be answered.

    With Dungeons and Dragons tie-in Dungeonology coming out later on this y…

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  • Wyvern Rex.

    Dear Ology fans.

    I would like to annonce the revelation of a new Ology book, Illusionology: The Secret Science of Magic, months before the official release. We couldn't provide this kind of high-standard breaking news coverage without your participation, something I must now ask for. In 2010, I appealed for Alienology information, with great success. If you enjoy Ology, report any reference to Illusionology you can find on the internet via the comments on this blog.

    Thank you.

    --Wyvern Rex. 13:46, October 8, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Zen shadow

    dragon info

    April 8, 2011 by Zen shadow

    do think at one point that dragons exited in history19:41, April 8, 2011 (UTC)zen shadow

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  • Wyvern Rex.

    Hello, Ology fans.

    As any readers of Ologypedia will know, Alienology has just been released along with something called Alienology: The Digital Experience.

    Alienology: The Digital Experience (or Alienology from now on) uses your computer and your phone to add to the alienological mission to Earth. It enables the player to collect knowledge, play games and become a member of S.P.A.C.E..

    Alas, technological reasons.

    Easily. If you play Alienology, please comment on this blog with the latest news on aliens and starships. Please seek bill-payers permission first, as costs are involved. Your information will add to this wiki as I wait for the book.

    • Information on Alien species and culture.
    • Starship details.
    • Planetary details.

    Remember, if you have the…

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  • Wyvern Rex.

    "There, approaching Leviathan 0038."

    The Cockatrice declined to add any comments. This was part of his unreasonably nice personality, which he had acquired in the past four days. He had ordered new uniforms, remembered Hanna's 898th birthday and failed to mock Spencer.

    "I just think that there's a massive razor blade in this candyfloss somewhere."

    "No, not at all."

    It glanced at the chronometer like a condemmed being.

    "Spencer, I was thinking of buying a robotic cleaner. To save on your workload."

    "Stop doing this!"

    "What is wrong?"

    "I'm just paranoid. What foul task do we have to do?"

    "OK, you have to meet my genetic sister."


    "Cloned from me. She is quite high up in the legislative section and if she ever found out what a pulsar I am in r…

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  • Wyvern Rex.

    The Atlanteans, with their crystal cities under the seas, had been on the wane since peak star formation 40 million years before. Now, the last had slipped into the night. Not many things troubled the Halfling Wyvern pilot, but this was one of them. The Halflings were slightly taller than the other two of the three carbon-based bipeds from which the Elves, Dwarves, Zombies, Lycanthropes, Gnomes and Giants had evolved. They could not tolerate gravity equivalent to Earth and for this reason the starship had no artificial g's. They may be among the rarest forms of intelligent life in the universe but they actually did things. Useful, scientific things. To sum up:

    Human: If They (another group of humans) don't know this, we can use it to hurt them. …

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  • Wyvern Rex.

    "It's one of those tablets again. The 'destiny stones' that humans put up on hyperspace lanes. For a moment there, I thought that it was something serious."

    The Cockatrice was perfectly happy with the resolution.

    "H-853 calling Jaril the Igniter."

    An image materialised of a Wyvern.

    "Got everything ready over there?"


    "Well, we will be ready to draw out the hydrogen soon."

    Spencer, slightly unaware of the situation asked "Don't stars use hydrogen as fuel?"

    "I will be back soon, Jaril."

    There was a quite unsatisfactory explanation which hinged on Spencer being an idiot.

    "Anyway, you never used that Slate of yours."

    "I couldn't turn it on."

    "A battery, if you know what that is, comprises of two different metals-" He held up what Spencer had previou…

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  • Wyvern Rex.

    The Halfling(Actually quite tall.) walked to the main square and stopped. At the centre, Candiru wiped some of the blood from his mouth.

    "You pulsar. You didn't have to kill them."

    "You said that about the rest of your species. I know that you could not let me live."

    The Halfling took the former Human, and laid it on the slab.

    "Humans will have this Great Wall, Candiru."

    "But Vampires run it."

    "I remember other Walls when the three carbon-based bipeds could work in peace. You even married a human, didn't you? Everywhere else, Vampirism is regarded as the highest of honours."

    "Everywhere else, we burn in the sun. Here, the Fourth Brood conquered that weakness. I am more than a Vampire."

    "You can still die!"

    "Really? Well, you will murder the last of…

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  • Wyvern Rex.

    Xenology: Devilworld

    February 27, 2010 by Wyvern Rex.

    Klystrom, sipping the synth blood, was regarded by the Cockatrice with something beyond hatred.

    "I can stay. I have the official chips, I have a pilot's slate-"

    "For one-being vehicles."

    "I have, as you can see, got my own spacesuit."

    Spencer sat on the bunk, out of the way. The first question she was asked was: "Are you one of those grey-eyed owl-lovers?"

    Spencer's reply had been: "He means elves. It's like a compliment."

    "And where do you think we are going to get the extra equipment from?"

    "Teleported from stores. I have nowhere else to go and I won't use any of your oxygen."

    "Spencer, do we say yes?"

    "Erm, OK."

    It transpired that when the Belial Fang was destroyed, the water from the coolant systems froze her and stopped the trackers from locatin…

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  • Wyvern Rex.

    Xenology: Sapiens

    February 15, 2010 by Wyvern Rex.

    Candiru, though suffering slightly from wing pain, had declared that he was ready to return to work. Evidently, something was keeping him alive, much to the distaste of the inhabitant of The Sapiens.

    Spencer was used to sleek starships. Having to enter the Hydra through an elevator airlock in low-earth orbit started to crush those illusions. The Leviathan finally demolished that dream. The main problem with space travel was getting off the ground and getting back again. Ideally intact. Dr Cook, inventor of the Hyperdrive, had famously mentioned that this was like driving though narrow streets in an armed jet fighter. Essentially, the basic skeleton is given to each commander, who will then customise it beyond recognition and normal atmospheric …

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  • Wyvern Rex.

    Premier Candiru followed the same procedure each day. After he finished work at midnight he would take express elevator down and board a train to the (with eternal thanks to the re-colonisers) renamed Museum of War, where he would drink a bottle of human synth blood while poring over the documents for Belial Fang testing. Slowly he tried to unravel the missing ones, the Vampires who had died fighting for the regime they despised. Slowly, his health was failing.

    "So, any ideas?"

    Blake was at a loss.

    "We could try to go out through the airlock and push the object away."

    "In the empyrean pit? They may have given me the uniform jacket and peaked cap for a human (indeed, they still lay on the table), but they never provided me with a spacesuit."


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  • Wyvern Rex.

    Spencer Blake woke up at the sound. His last memory had been darkness, but now light had appeared. Also, someone had let a few stun rounds slip through the net... Obviously, the door attachments would be the weakest point of the structure and the special-issue drill bit would make short work of the lock-

    "Hello, Spencer."

    Ah, the looming nightmares flooded back. In truth, they had never left.

    Candiru removed his sunglasses. Blake's initial thought was: Can these things age? Previously,the Vampire seemed tragically young but now he appeared dangerously frail.

    "This is quite an unusual occurence. Oh, and stop removing those blanks as the stun shots only work on those with a pulse."

    Oddly helpful.

    "It seems that part of you stayed in my mind after yo…

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  • Wyvern Rex.

    The casual human observer would by now be non-existant. The non-casual Cockatrice was quite alright though, with its higher radiation resistance. It remembered how those ships had come in, scything through space elevators and hives, with the sole purpose of eliminating a species. Not that this saddened the psuedo-dragon, as humans had used it for its venom. Along the former US east-coast, he could see the jagged, accusing fingers of ruined skyscrapers. He remembered the last human, President Crook. The xeno aimed the graser and let a blank fire, leaving Crook alone on the planet. The Cockatrice made the call of peace to the rest of his kind. Like the Draconosaurus Rex before it, there was no reply. Hmm. Last. In Times Square, it set up a m…

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  • Wyvern Rex.

    Many scores of years did the First and Last Vampire sleep, in that dark mausoleum of his kind. Outside, his species were slain at the hands of monkeys and Xenos and forced by President Crook to test near-lethal experimental starfighters. He did not think, for thinking is a concious act, but as the toxins dispersed he touched the minds of others, including the still-living youngest, who he had only briefly seen through his now useless right eye.

    Though Central Galactic was mainly covered in the beautiful spires of humanity, some ugly outcroppings of rock remained. India Tower had just incinerated Uluru, so to recapture their lead Pacific Tower were working double shifts to power up the graser-beam against The Mountain, with construction team…

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  • Wyvern Rex.

    Prelude to Xenology.

    January 24, 2010 by Wyvern Rex.

    The Draconosaurus Rex regarded its human quarry with interest. Slowly picking its way through the glacier field, it stopped briefly to sniff the air for signs of others. There were none and there never would be any again. It scrabbled down a rock, placing itself directly in front of the hunter. A stone spear shifted hands and stabbed deep into its cold-blooded heart. The indifferent xeno observer on the high ridge simply wrote the details down before teleporting.


    "Ah, K, good to see you."

    "Have the bug sweepers been in?"

    D pushed a note across the table. It read "no". The pad and pen were proferred to Blake, who wrote: "Details of the next mission?". Another sentence was forthcoming.

    "In Tunguska the Soviets are holding the election for reg…

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  • Wyvern Rex.


    December 18, 2009 by Wyvern Rex.

    Once, humanity dreamt of stretching beyond the stars. Tragically, it seemed obvious at the time that we as the most advanced spacefarers were dominant over other species. We did try peaceful contact with the nearest Xenos on Algol 5. It seemed simple enough. By interception of the Voyager probes they had learnt much about us. We set the meeting for the year 2693, as we could not give away our hyperdrive details. The blaster gas started flying when they realised that vaccinations for human diseases would not be provided for the residents of Algol. It did not matter in the end. Not after the last succumbed. We used to have one on a colony world, I think, cryogenically preserved.

    So, we could not let some stupid biped lizards near the edge of …

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  • Wyvern Rex.

    Vampireology:The True History Of The Fallen.

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