The Bigfoot (Ursus sasquatchus) is a Yeti relative which lives mainly in the Rocky Mountains.

Description. Edit

They are 6 to 9 feet high and resemble an upright gorrila. Their hair colour does not change and they are omnivourous. Sometimes,they have been seen to use a tree branch as a club. They are shy, but not good at hiding. Some have already adapted to scavenging in the cities. They make temporary bivouacs out of leaves woven together. Some of them also come out at night to scavenge on food waste.

Trivia. Edit

  • One member of Dr. Drake's party tried a a Bigfoot suit. It was too realistic, the creature saw him as a challenge and he had to flee. Mr Carrel drew a picture of the scene for Monsterology.
  • A bigfoot trap has been devised. It has so far caught its inventor, who after three days was rescued by a passing hunter.