Archibald Brooks
Biographical information
Ology Vampireology;
Nationality British
Species Human
Death Murdered in 1920
Physical description
Gender Male
Profession Protector
Personal information
Notable Enemies Magdalena; Jack the Ripper
Vampire information

Franz Liszt

Successor Joshua Kraik

Archibald Brookes (1850-1920) was the in-universe author of the original Vampireology: The True History Of The Fallen in 1900. He was the world's formost Protector against Vampires until he was brutally murdered at the British Museum on the 10th May 1920, passing his legacy to Joshua Kraik.


He was born in Islington, to Captain Alexander and his wife Elisabeth. He read history at Oxford before entering the civil service in 1873 and serving with distinction in the Foreign Office until 1897. His main efforts though were in the reserch of death rituals the afterlife and, of course, vampires. He was engaged to Magdalena and became the Protector afer her "turning" in aroud 1876.