Mary, AKA Arabella Drummond, was a pirate and enemy of Captain William Lubber. To escape marriage to a man she hated, she disguised herself as a man and fled to a merchant ship in the winter of 1715. The ship was captured by Barbary Corsairs and she, along with the others, was forced to row their raiding galleys. However,she was able to free herself and the others in early 1716. This started her pirate career. She attacked The Phoenix, captured it and renamed it The Bold Adventure(and renaming the cat,from Little Miauw to Mr Teach). She headed to Hispaniola and then to North Carolina, a few hours too late to save Blackbeard. She angrily commited piracy up and down the east coast of North America before being chased around the world by Captain Lubber. Her status after the scuttling of The Sea Cat is unknown, though she wanted to set up a hotel. She is the sister of blackbeard,some people say that she is the cousin of blackbeard.