American Amphithere, or Moth Dragon,
Genus: Draco
Species: americanus




Coloration: Iridescent purple, red, blue or green with a bright yellow belly and wings
Range: North America

The American Amphithere(Draco americanus tex.), also known as the Moth Dragon as it only hunts at night, is not known for a sanguine outlook. Instead,it will bite at anything.

Description. Edit

Am. Amphithere Dragon

They are 15 feet long(4.6m) and 8 to 10 feet high(2.4 to 3m). Colouration is typically iridescent purple with a yellow belly and wings, although red, blue and green have been seen. They have fur while their close relative the Mexican Amphithere has feathers. They have a high-pitched squawk and, unusually, flock together. Moth dragons will eat any large mammals, including unwary cowboys. They are capable of hovering in place and can attack their prey by breathing fire or lashing with their tails. Moth dragons prefer to make their lairs in dark caves and boulder mounds. Eggs are bright green with phosphorescent paler green markings. The chicks can fly from birth but are quite uncertain for a few years. The most famous Moth Dragon was Leatherjaw. They have a general life span of 250 years.

American Dragon Egg

The shell of an American amphithere gives off a phosphorescent glow that helps a parent to locate it.

Amphithere Dragon Footprint (1)

This dragon leaves snake-like tracks with its torso.