Biographical information
Ology Vampireology & Mythology
Nationality Greek
Species Human; later a Vampire (in some texts)
Destruction 1200BC
Physical description
Gender Male
Eye color Hypnotic Purple
Vampire Bloodline Moloch
Personal information
Notable Enemies Hector; Paris;
Vampire information
Unique Power

Invincibility; (possbly a spell)

Turner The Original Moloch

Achilles was a famous demigod of ancient Greece. He was, in some texts, a vampire who was the arch enemy of Hector and played a major role in the Trojan War.

Portrayal in Mythology Edit

Achilles was the powerful Greek warrior who fought in the Siege of Troy. He was killed when an arrow fired by Paris pierced his heel. He was the grandson of Zeus and gained invincibility when a baby by being bathed in the River Styx. Alas, his mother neglected to wash his right heel, which proved his downfall.

Portrayal in Vampireology Edit

Achilles was a Moloch of the First Progeny destroyed in 1200 BC.